Friday, April 13, 2012

Being a Parent Period is Hard Work

I was awakened this morning about 6:00 A.M. by one little voice that by 6:15 became two little people climbing on top of me while I tried to continue to "rest my eyes." By some miracle I sneaked into a private shower by 6:30 and by 7:00 two kids were fed and fighting.  It is not quite 8:00 as I write this and one has just been released from time out from almost strangling her brother in attempt to steal his head lamp while the other is being force fed more food in an attempt to hold off a breakdown from lack of food.  Moments later we are sitting doing play dough which really is enough to drive any mom insane.  It is not an easy way to start my day, there is no easing into things just an abrupt jolt awake and right to business.

As I sit here though typing and listening to music while the kids make the huge mess, I am reminded of a very good friend who has started her day the same yet differently.  In her house, she has to rise early to get a shower then push her daughter carefully through the morning routine to get her out the door successfully to daycare without time for a tantrum or breakdown.  There is no time to stop and make a flower out of play dough or stay in their jammies a little longer.  We are both moms, but our days are very different, however no one can says whose day is more difficult or valued.

This morning as Rich was flipping through the news, one of the top stories was about a person from the Obama campaign whose remarks about stay at home parenting were taken as an insult to many. I am not insulted by these comments, because clearly I know anyone who ever says staying at home as a parent is not work has never done it.  I find it a shame that women instead of respecting each others' choices become decisive and attack each other.  The bottom line is that parenting is difficult no matter if you are at home, at work or somewhere in between. Instead of playing a game of my job is harder than yours is, let's stick together and respect that no matter what being a parent is a job of enormous responsibility and joy that we can all say is worth it in the end. 

Now back to cleaning up the thousand bits of play dough....

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