Monday, April 16, 2012

Great Outdoor Toys

It is smoldering hot here today, which is somewhat welcome since we are thrilled to have outdoor time.  I think about ten degrees cooler is nice.  I thought I would share with you a little about our favorite outdoor toys.  Lesson one to backyard plastic is, buy it used.  Things that sit out in the elements looked used rather quickly and so it is not worth spending the extra money when you could save money and our Earth buy using Craigslist, going to yard sales, buying second hand,getting hand me downs  or trash picking.  There is no shame in trash picking. A few years ago I trash picked a vanity for my friend's little girls while in heels and a dress heading out to a Baby Shower.  It was a proud moment.
Toys worth having:
Bike with training wheels.  These usually run about $10 at a yard sale.  Once your child is older and more proficient then it would be a better time to invest in something quality.

Power Wheels-  We have three ride on toys totaling a whopping full price retail value of over $1K.  We spent 25% of that to purchase these used which included buying new batteries for Cole's fire truck.
Water Table- This is one toy we bought new and really that was a mistake.  Throw in  set of cups, some cheap dish soap and sponges and you are all set for an afternoon of fun.

Sprinkler- We have a favorite which is a Splash Rocket I sold through Discovery Toys.  They don't make it any more, but sold a similar version of this at Target.  We love this toy, but if this is not an option just get a generic sprinkler, it is less hassle and will last longer than one geared towards children.

Toddler Swing- enough said.

Sand Box-Get this second hand and make sure it has a lid to keep the neighborhood cats out.  Buy some cheap metal trucks, shovels, and buckets.

Gardening Supplies and Wheelbarrow- My children will spend hours moving dirt.

Sports Balls and Nets

Picnic Table

Step 2 Push Along Buggy- This is a great toy for children 2 and under.  It is one of the few things that Cecily ever took the time to sit in.

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