Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Baby is Two...

So today marks Cecily Kate's second birthday.  To me it seems hardly possible that she is only two and even more difficult to remember life without our little spitfire.  She has typical second child syndrome; which means she is trying to not only catch up to her brother but surpass him in anything she possibly can.  Last week while touring the ships at Jamestown Settlement, Cecily zoomed up a very steep ladder and peered over the edge of the very tall ship.  My heart fluttered and an elderly gentleman who stood near us looked over as I simply explained she has second child syndrome.  The man remarked, "She is the victim and you have the syndrome."  Right he is, we have pushed her along to fit in with our established family right from the start.
If you read my blog then you already have heard some tales of this little bit with a big personality.  She is a two year old who thinks she is older and not by months more like years.  Cecily is a challenge, but most of the time she is really our little joy.  She makes us laugh a lot and always amazes us with her development.  She is on fast forward most of the time so she keeps me busy and exhausted!
What she is up to at two.... Cecily is very verbal and her voice doubles her size.  She loves to sing songs and her favorite is Baa Baa Black Sheep, not even sure how she knows this one.  Cecily prefers no shoes and would be happy living the rest of her years out in a nudist colony.  She is helpful around the house and still cleans up easily and with focus.  She can play alone, but prefers her brother to play with her.  She loves dips and sauces, mayonnaise is a food group in her book.  She is a tough cookie and can pop back up from a fall no questions asked.  Recently she has shown an interest in coloring and writing as well as learning her letter sounds and counting to 20, which warms my little teacher heart.  Each day is an adventure and we are happy to be along for the ride with our little girl even if it means sometimes fighting over with her to make sure she knows we are steering this ship!

So in honor of our little bitty turning 2, here is her favorite song to sing along to in the car, nothing beats a toddler singing about Rogaine!

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  1. How I love that spitfire! Happy Birthday Cecily!!!