Sunday, April 1, 2012

Toddler TV (this post is about little eyes, but not meant for them!)

I was just saying to my friends the other day how Cecily won't sit for more than about 5 minutes usually to watch TV.  Maybe here and there she will watch some Sesame Street, but like all "good moms" I wanted the TV to be my babysitter from time to time.
Last night there was a break through and it came at the "hands" off Oobi.  Now if you don't know what I am talking about then Google an episode of this show, because it is beyond strange. It is basically a show about hands with eyes that talk in whacky baby talk.  Cecily sat staring at these hands flapping around their thumbs like mouths talking in baby talk.  The important part of that is that she actually sat still for 20 minutes on my lap. The part you may not have thought of is that I too sat here watching  Granpoo, Uma and Oobi sing catchy little I want to scratch out my eyeball songs about train rides and making pizza.  When finished she clapped and I quickly DVR'ed four more  episodes to have on reserve shall I ever need a break. The I need a break came promptly the next morning at 6:00 AM when she actually once again sat for almost 15 minutes whiel I got my energy up.
 Toddler TV can be torture, probably the first show that may come to mind is Barney which we have happily avoided at our house.  Another favorite by even adults is Yo Gabba Gabba. You know the one where the main character resembles a wart infested penis, yes I said it.  In our house we joke about that one eyed monster ever so discretely.   Another favorite is Calliou, many parents will put up with this whiny child to just get something in the house done.  Strangely, from years 2 and 3 everything in our lives somehow related back to a Calliou episode.  My friend Val can attest to the same thing, since we lived this phase together.  I often found myself referencing, Cole remember when Calliou's power went out or when Rosie got her new teeth in or that time Calliou went to visit his mom's friend in the skyscraper. 
There are too many to even list. Even our favorite and beloved Sesame Street has gone to the dark side of the annoying factor by developing the character of Baby Bear, I would rather gargle with pickle juice than listen to Baby Bear.
What TV have you let your child watch even though it drove you nuts?

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  1. I don't think any about the red bumpy one eye dildo is discreet, just saying. :)