Saturday, June 9, 2012

I Survived the Grocery Store

Grocery shopping has been a bipolar experience for me. If you have read my blog long enough then you remember the days of the $40 shops and the trips where the workers felt pity on me and helped me to the car with my toddler and full cart. There have been trips to the potty, running away in the snack aisle, timeouts in the dairy and tears in the freezer section( my tears not hers). Today I not only built a wooden plane at Lowes on my own ( who are we kidding the kids only do the part where they hammer minuscule nails in nearly smashing your fingers), but also made it through a full grocery shop without time outs or tears. It was a miracle that was followed by mini ice cream cones in the car, the trip to the store just wasn't challenging enough so I thought melted ice cream cones might bring me back to my own reality.

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