Sunday, June 24, 2012

Why Marry Your Sister?

When children are small, they often decide they will marry their mother or father.  Cole is past that stage, but only a few months ago he thought maybe he would marry Cecily instead.  Since we are not gypsies or willing to relocate to Noxen, the idea had better pass, but tonight I can see why he is considering her for the job.
It was evening and I was busy weeding the garden.  I had asked the kids to avoid the grass since it was full of bees and they were not wearing their shoes.  Cecily stuck to the concrete path, but once Cole popped out of the pool he decided he needed some shoes on to be safe. So this is how things
went down.

Cecily will you go in the house and get my shoes?
Sure Cole.
You can get my crocs, but if you can't find them just get me any ones you can find and bring them to me.
Okay Cole  I get your shoes.
Minutes pass and I ask him to check on her, he says "I hear her coming now mom."  He never budges just stands there and waits to be served.  I muffled, "man" under my breath and went to check on my two year old.
Here is what I found:

She found a new pair of sandals and she was cutting the tags off for her brother.  She wanted to do it all herself, which she did.  Then she happily delivered the shoes to her patiently waiting husband I mean brother. Then she happily returned to the house to get her own shoes.  I am trying to train him to be a responsible and self sufficient husband, but I guess he thought self sufficiency meant getting the job done by what ever means necessary. 

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