Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Jumpstart for Kids Review and Giveaway- Closed Congrats Amy!

I first became familiar with Jumpstart products as a teacher. I used Jumpstart products successfully with my Kindergarten through 2nd grade students. So when I heard that they had home programs, I really wanted to try them with Cole. Fortunately, I was given the opportunity to be able to trial a membership so I could review it on this blog. Cole has become increasingly more interested and proficient on the computer. For me this is great, but finding appropriate websites that hold his interest, has been challenging. I have a few that I love, but that have not held his attention as much as I would have liked.
Jumpstart provided us with this membership and Cole has been using it ever since fairly independently. He has spent all his time in Story Land which is specifically designed for children ages 3 to 5. I love this area because it only requires him to use the computer's mouse. There is a nice mix of educational content and fun so it holds his attention. If Cole feels like anything is too educational, he shuts down but this has kept his attention. The skills mostly focus on memory, alphabet recognition, matching, colors, and number recognition.
The games use bright and simple graphics so it is not overly distracting, yet visually appealing. He has already spent many hours on Jumpstart and we have only started to see some of the valuable educational content that is offered.
When I asked Cole what he liked most about playing Jumpstart his favorite was having his own pet that he could take care of. In one area of Story Land he earned a pet rabbit that follows him about. He also said he likes the matching games, fun slides, and fire station.
If you have an older child there are even more options. Adveture Land and Marine Land are designed for children in Kindergarten through 2nd grade. If you have a child in 3rd-5th grade you can have them check out Future Land. New and already much loved area is called Enchanted Sanctuary where children could hatch and rise their own dragons.
You can even find downloadable games and worksheets on the site that you can access as an extension for your child.
We have really enjoyed using Jumpstart. Cole needs a little down time in the afternoon while his sister naps and this has really been helpful to us. It is something he can interact with independently or we play together exploring new areas. is going to give away a free three month membership to one of my readers. This could be used for your child or as a gift to a child in your life.

Disclosure: I was provided with a JumpStart membership at no cost by Knowledge Adventure in order to test the products’ abilities and give my own personal opinions on it. The opinions I have given are mine and may differ from others but were not influenced by the company or the free product provided.”

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  1. I would definitly use this with Aysha. She is starting to read and loves math so she would love this:)

  2. Jumpstart is great. Both my girls play it. Kimana has been playing since she was 4 and loves to find and hatch her Mythie (her pet dragon). She takes care of it and then when it is grown she can release it and get another one to raise. The games are great and become more challenging with age, growing with your child. So they don't get bored. The child needs to play the learning games to earn coins so they can buy things, teaching them money value which a great concept for a young child to be introduced to. The other great thing about Jumpstart is you have 1 fee for up to 5 children, so if you have several children, they get their own character and you pay 1 fee, which is only like $7.99, I believe. Making it very affordable. Good luck to who ever wins.

  3. When the boys were little I loved Jumpstart. It's a great computer activity. I would love to use this with Maddie.