Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Case of the Princess Polish

Did I really birth a little girl who at 2 already has discerning taste in nail polish?  After noticing her friend Maddie's princess polish yesterday Cecily was on a mission to also get princess polish.  So as we pursued Target and hadn't found any princess polish we found some bright pink that tickled her fancy and continue with our trip.  At the end of the successful trip (read no break downs or tears), we headed over to peek at the toys.  Somewhere along the way Cecily discovered a very small nail polish with a princess on the front and carried it to the front for check out.  Sadly, it was a loose part of a set and she could not purchase it.  We unpacked and headed to church.  When we returned Cole disappeared with paper, scissors, and tape.  Moments later he came into the living room to present his gift to his sister.  "Here Cecily, I made your pink polish into princess polish for you."  The sweet kid drew a picture of a princess and taped it to her new pink polish.  She was delighted and it confirmed again that he truly is the nicest member of our family. 

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