Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Summer Shows Worth Watching

It is summer and the TV choices are reminiscent of a tuna sandwich left out on a sweltering day like this.  This summer, I may regret a touch cancelling our premium channels and the librarian is starting to recognize me. Hey I even read all three Fifty Shades books.  Through the stench of rotten reality shows I have discovered a handful of shows actually worth watching.  Beyond that, a few would even be watchable had they been run during the regular season.
My favorite is Awkward which won me over last year.  At the completion of the first season, I wondered how I would live an entire year waiting for the next season. The helpful distraction of raising two kids pulled me through.  Love the quirky characters and escape to teen drama without having to actually relive it myself.
Another winner from last year to this is Rookie Blue, a little gift from our friends the Canadians.  Probably a show I would watch during the regular season, but it would not fetch precious DVR space which is currently relegated to Little Bill and Oobi.
I also like Bunheads, it is almost like watching the Gilmore Girls yet not quite.  Took a few weeks for me to get into this, but i am glad I waited it out.  Probably during the regular season it would  have fallen by the wayside quickly.
Some honorable mentions Common Law, Saving Hope, and NYC 22.

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