Saturday, July 7, 2012

REI Returns...... 4 Years Later?

Yesterday I posted a picture of our Kelty Child Carrier on Facebook in hopes of selling it off,  Maybe I would find a  family with a child who would actually enjoy being humped around on a hike instead of dangling thyself from the nearest cliff.  We had gotten the carrier way back in the beginning of 2008 at REI when Cole was an infant.  Cole liked it enough but Cecily would rather experience life in a less than passive way.  My friend Heather reminded me of REI's very liberal return policy.  We had used this a few times on Rich's hiking boots when they started to wear out, but never considered I could return the carrier since nothing was even wrong with it.  After a phone call to the store and then a second online chat to be sure this fit in their 100% guarantee, we headed on over to REI.  Rich ducked to the back of the store completely embarrassed that I would dare to return an item from 2008.  They looked up by account and refunded my credit card for the full value of $149!  REI is rocking my world!
Right now you can get free shipping at! They had great rash guards and sun shirts on clearance for kids.  Perfect for summer camp.

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