Friday, August 24, 2012

Close to Your Birthday Get $15 Off

Have you shopped Gap's partner Piperlime for shoes?  I was searching for some back to school sneakers for Cole and came across a great little deal especially if you have a birthday coming.  First you can sign up for updates by email and get 15 % off.  After you enter your email, they will ask if you would like to submit for a $15 off coupon on your birthday.  Since my birthday is only a few days away, I should be getting my $15 off soon, plus I can shop with Ebates and get 2% back.  So do I wait for my $15 off and hope those cute Skechers are still available or do I use my 15% off and make sure I get the shoes I want?
 So head over to Piperlime and you will see the email sign up at the bottom of the screen.  Enjoy!

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