Friday, August 24, 2012

Giveaway- Combat Source Kit Max

Through Purex Insiders I have been given the opportunity to review Combat's Source Kill Max Ant Gel and Bait.  One of my readers will get the chance to check it out for free as well.  Ant Kill Gel does not seem like a glamorous prize, but it is something most of us need at one point or another.  Ants seem to love a path that runs from our back concrete pad up through our kitchen window.  One year they infested us so badly that we contacted our friend who is an Exterminator. His simple advice was to use the white traps.  The Combat Ant Kill system works wonderfully preventing a long term ant problem.

The Combat Source Kill Max Ant Gel works for the right now problem.  It is not a messy spray that you feel like you are ingesting as you try to spray it, but rather a very easy to use gel tube.  This product kills ants and their colonies and lasts up to a month.  I still prefer the Ant Bait since I feel it is safer for the little ones in the house, but will use the Ant Gel to attack any future ant problems in areas away from the kids.  There is a distinct chemical smell that reminds you this is not a child friendly product.. Combat provided this free sample of their Ant Bait, as always the opinions and experiences are my own.

Also Combat is holding a Bug Free bash Sweepstakes where one winner will be given $1,000 to hold a bug free bash complete with Combat products. Check out how to kill ants here.

Now it is your turn to have some Combat on hand to battle the ants!

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