Thursday, August 16, 2012

Strong Willed, High Need or Just Exhausting

She came out screaming and I knew it.  Soon after that moment where the new mom relishes in the joy of her newborn child, I had a deep pit in my stomach.  Like a voice had whispered to me, it is going to be hard and really from that moment on it was. There was the constant and unexplained throwing up, lots of doctor appointments for her dermoid cyst, the colic and lots of time spent trying to catch up to her brother who is three years older.
With Cecily there are days that go by unphased and then others where I am brought to my knees. I have Googled my fair share looking or reassurance that really there is not anything wrong more than a strong personality.  Usually, I get the result of strong willed and I read another article about ways to adjust to life with this type of child. Do not get me wrong this is not a child that is really all that difficult for the most part now that she is 2. In fact the other day I stated how I thought we were through the tough times.
There will be a day where I will write tips on things that have helped our little girl conform to others' wants and needs 95% of the time.  Today though I just say thank you God for the successful nap, knowing that rest always helps both of us.


  1. My cousin currently has a very strong willed 3 year old daughter. She gets criticism from other family members for everything from blaming her for not disciplining her daughter to others thinking that she is so unfortunate for having such a "brat". Personally, I think that all kids are different and sometimes we don't have the personalities that blend perfectly with our children. My oldest son is very sweet. But he whines. A lot. And he is all over the place. A lot. I have had people tell me that it is because he isn't disciplined properly or that there might be something wrong with him. Maybe that is true. But I also have recently realized that I have to stop listening to other people and letting them get into my head to the point where I over complicate the situation. I have been trying to relate better to him and to make adjustments that make our life easier instead of letting other people decide how my kids SHOULD be behaving and try to embrace all the good things about them. I think you're a great mommy and sometimes it is just about reframing the situation in our own heads. So are not alone. :)

  2. I think her strong will is going to have her do excellent thing in her adult life. Thats what I think when I look at Alanis...