Saturday, September 8, 2012

Check out Soft Scrub Total -Giveaway! Purex Insiders

Do you remember the Soft Scrub your mom used to use?  While that product was tried and true, Soft Scrub has come up with something that fits the modern day cleaner's needs.  I started using this product over a year ago after receiving a high value coupon and after trying it here my mom is a fan too.
Why you should give Soft Scrub Total products a try...

  • These are multipurpose cleaners, which means you can have just one cleaner for your bathroom.  
  • The bottle creates a spray or a foam, so whether you want to spray and wipe or do a soak this product meets both needs.  There is a lot of power behind the spray too.
  • The nozzle is efficient and effective right to the last drop of spray!
  • You can turn the bottle upside down, which means it works as a toilet bowl cleaner or in tiny hard to reach places.
  • The scent is pleasant and not overwhelming.
  • A little spray goes a long way. 

I have three free coupons to giveaway, but before entering here check out the Soft Scrub Tough and Gentle Sweepstakes.   By entering you could win the grand prize of $1,000 or one of 50 gift certificates for two $20 gift cards.
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