Monday, October 1, 2012

Learning Sites

Oddly enough, now that Cole is in school full day he is somehow more receptive to doing learning activities at home.  You know this thrills me.  Before going to bed each night, we always read stories, but if we have time the children and I have been using the computer to work on skills.  I have many sites I like, but today I will share a few.

I am not even sure if the show Between the Lions is still on the air, but their site is still up and as good as ever.  I love their mini video clips that add humor to learning to read.  I often used these to introduce a concept in the classroom.  You can check out the whole slew of them at Between the Lions.

My favorites are When Two Vowels Go Walking and Homophones (Brian McKnight being hot has nothing to do with that choice).  Another favorite is Chicken Jane, but you need to head over to Youtube to watch that one. 

I have been using Brain Pop now for over ten years, but in my house for just over two weeks.  This is a paid site, but they have free content.  Great, simple yet mesmerizing engaging videos for children.  Somehow the beeping robot puts children in a trance.  For my children's age group, we have been hanging out on Brain Pop Junior watching the free content and doing the follow up quizzes. The bullying video was able to open up a dialogue in our house about what Cole has seen thus far in Kindergarten.  Head on over to Brain Pop, try the free content then sign up for a free trial. 

How about working on listening and computer skills? The Little Animals Activity Center is great for anyone under 8, because they offer a variety of games and activities.  My personal favorites are the three interactive stories, that require the children to listen along and interact.  The accents alone are worth a listen.  Check out the stories over here and let me know what you think. 

I will leave you to explore those three for now and will share more, any questions as always just ask.

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