Monday, November 5, 2012

CVS Perfect Donation Matchup Cheap!

We are collecting for emergency responders and their families who lost everything in Hurricane Sandy.   They are looking for toiletries and CVS has a perfect set up with online printable coupons this week.  Make sure you have an Extra Care Card! You do not need to be a couponer to do this successfully.

First you will print the coupons found online and then head to the store!  If they don't have the items in stock get a rain check and you could go back next week.

Print this one twice!
$3.00 off Dry Idea

Buy 4 Dry Idea at $ 4.39 store is sponsoring buy one get one.  You will pay $8.78 and take the $6 off in coupons.
Total for four= $2.78

Print this once!
$3.00 off 3 Right Guards there may be a $4 off 4 floating around, but this is the one I found easily.
 Buy 4 Right Guards at $3.49 and they are also buy one get one free.  Total $6.98 after coupons would be $3.98 for four.

Print this once.
$2.00 off Dial Body Wash for men
 Buy two Dial Body wash for men at $5.79, they are buy one get one free.  Use the coupon and get both for $2.79

I also bought the Gain dish soap at .88, if you get the newspaper there was a .25cents off coupon a few weeks ago.  I do not get the paper any more but 88 cents is a great deal.

If you do this deal you will score 8 deodorants and 2 body washes for less than $10.  They are good quality brands too!


  1. Thanks for the idea! I printed off two of each coupon and did this at my local CVS. Saved a ton of money and ended up with a lot of items to send your way.