Saturday, December 29, 2012

Amazon Diaper Tip

My friend Kelly had a great tip she discovered about purchasing diapers through Amazon.   First off if you don't have Prime, think about purchasing it.  I was not thrilled when we were automatically signed up through something my husband did last year, knowing that about $80 was a lot from our budget to pay for Prime.  Since that time,we have used it constantly especially this holiday when about 75% of our gifts were purchased through Amazon.
Here is how to get diapers cheaper and delivered right to your door. When you find the diaper size of your choice, you can actually select the open box option.  In her experience she basically got a dented box of diapers.  An example is the Pampers Swaddlers are $46.99 new, $37.59 with subscribe and save and $29.20 for their open box option. We are done with diapers, but they make a great new baby gift delivered right to a friend's door! Share this tip with all your disposable diapering friends. Thanks Kelly!

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