Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Lies We Tell Our Children

If you are a parent then you lie to your children, it is a simple truth ironically enough.  It starts in the early stages of parenthood.  Remember the days where they sit in their high chairs bright eyed and smiling, while you shove strained peas into their mouth. You coo, "Mmm yum yum delicious peas."  I say liar liar pants on fire.
Oh little Suzy this shot won't hurt, it is just a little pinch.  Do you know how many friends I have who have avoided the flu shot?  Now some of those people are avoiding it, because they know darn well it hurts going in and your arm aches for days. 
Now a days we stretch the truth quite a bit.  To be a real princess you must always wash your hair, super heroes always eat their vegetables, it is not broccoli it is a dinosaur tree.  Lies, yes but more like creative parenting. 
Lying to your children can be a survival tactic.  Let's be honest, being a parent is hard.  Even on the good days, it is nearly impossible to get through without one little scuffle or disagreement.  Throw in a strong willed child and that feat is nearly unattainable. 
I try my best not to be anything but clear and consistent with Cecily.  It has to be a lot of if then statements, meaning if you rip off your shoes in the car then you walk into the house barefoot.  To be honest she wears me down and sometimes practical is not really practical.  The doctor said not to even fight at all about wearing a jacket, which is fine since we have auto-start in the car so there is only that quick minute outside between the parking lot and school. The other day however we were taking a walk when she decided to rip off her coat.  At that moment, I caught site of our neighbor coming down the street in his police cruiser.  That is when the lie slipped right out of my mouth.  "Oh no Cecily hurry hear comes the police and you haven't got your jacket on, hope he does not stop and say something to you!" "I would be so sad if he took you off to no coat jail." The coat went right on and stayed on all the way till he turned the corner then it came off again.  Cecily 1, mom 0. 

What is the best fib you have used with your children?

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