Thursday, January 10, 2013

Holding a Grudge

My family jokingly calls me the girl who never forgets...  Today Cole was in an exhausted state from school, which happens most Thursday afternoons.  He shared that he was upset with me.  I racked my brain to think just what I could have done this time.  The list lately ranges from influencingthe wrong show and tell choice to not putting his lid on his thermos tightly enough.
 So he finally shared...

You remember mom when we went to that yard sale and they had that Ninja costume?  Yes...  Then you said we would think about it and come back.  Remember we went back and it was gone?  Yes.  Well I am upset about that.

Folks if you have not noticed it is not yard sale season, but he does not speak of fall of 2012 or spring of 2012, or fall of 2011, or spring of 2011.  He speaks of summer of 2010 when he had just turned 3 and Cecily was 3 months old!  I am in real trouble with his grudges!

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