Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Are You Worn?

I would not trade a life full of emotions, struggles as well as celebrations for anything.  I am reminded about how life can take a sudden turn often.  It has been just about a year since Rich came fatefully close to losing his life in a fire, I am linking the post up but won't dare even read it at this point. It is all still raw and emotional.

Sometimes you move through a struggle coming out on the other side triumphantly and completely  better person, with a stronger relationship, perhaps deeper in your faith.  I would like to say that the year anniversary of this near life changing event has left us all in a better place.  A place where I can list the ways in which our lives have improved and the lessons we have learned.  I don't feel like I am at that place, so I would rather share with you all these amazing stories of  others who have gone through things much greater and who amaze me.  I often think of these people when I need an inspiration for a tough day.
So here they are some of my inspirations... The parents who lost their child to cancer who built a legacy that through the hard work and dedication of Penn State students raised 12 million dollars to help other familiesThe mother who fights the effects of CF every day so that she can be there for her family.  The mother who lost her three little ones tragically and was able to continue on.   The family of a little one not likely to be born alive, yet lived 99 days that has changed the lives of others.
There are so many inspirational every day people.  I wish we could all join together to make these people our heroes, the ones we idolize or follow.  Forget TMZ and Entertainment Tonight, I would rather hear about stories like these any day of the week.  I leave you with a song that explains how we may all feel from time to time, trying to deal with the loss of a loved one, a divorce, an illness, or just simply having one of those days.  

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