Friday, February 1, 2013

Cash or Credit?

You can use your credit card just about anywhere these days, even for a few dollar menu items at McDonalds.  If you are a credit card user, then you had better be aware of the new ruling that allows businesses to pass along a fee for using the credit cards to you, the consumer.  This could be up to 4%  if you were to use your credit card at a business who would be passing this fee along to you.  I know we have already seen an increase in the price of gasoline when using our credit cards to pay at many gas stations locally.  This has caused us to use cash.   I would guess this fee would cause people to do the same.  There are ten states that are not participating which you can read about.  Keep an eye out for places that charge you the fee and decide to use cash or debit to avoid the extra costs! 

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