Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Getting to the Root of the Problem

The dentist is so not my favorite place.  Cole has inherited my bad teeth so between the two of us we have spent more time there than either of us want!  I went for my regular check up two weeks ago and they did X Rays.  I hate the x ray appointment because they always find something lurking.  This time it was a really fun thing, a cavity under an existing cap.  The dentist who literally sounded like the principal in Ferris Bueller's Day Off explained what may need to happen.  Oh we will just saw off that cap, then we may need to call in a oral surgeon to lengthen your gums and hope you don't also need a root canal.  I left frustrated.  It does not help that the dentists office is a half hour away, has a nice chop shop feel, and the only one that our insurance covers.

So I spent half my precious kid free time the last two weeks at the dentist.  As they sawed off the cap, I sat praying that things would go the least invasive route.  This dentist had the personality of a dish rag so for an hour and a half I sat through the yanking and drilling wondering what was happening.  I was so happy at the end when he said that I was all done and it looked fine. I just needed one more half hour appointment.  Five days of pain and many 800 mg of Motrin later, I was ready to pass out from the pain.  So today I went in for an emergency appointment.  This being the third dentist and the head honcho at the place, I was rather forward with questions about what was going on.  Twenty minutes later, my root canal was on its way and I left feeling like a new person. Two more appointments to go, but I will take it over the pain I had.  So for those afraid of a root canal let me tell you it sure beats the throbbing pain I had!

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