Monday, August 19, 2013

Going Home...

They say home is where the heart is and maybe that is what led me to where I sit right now.  Yet I know that is really just part of the truth.  The whole story is that a set of fortunate and some unfortunate circumstances has led us here to our home.   It has been a little like glorified camping around here for the past two months.  I am happy to report we now have a functioning kitchen.  Living with a mini fridge, microwave, and paper plates was a bit exhausting.  I am sad I was not able to blog all the really fun moments of our transition even if for my own memory's sake.  In a nut shell it involved days where the house was near 100 degrees, flushing toilets with buckets, brushing teeth in the bath tub, scooping frogs out of the pool, living for a month with one week's worth of clothing, and trying to survive in chaos.  I would like to declare victory on the chaos, but that would be  a real stretch.  The garage is full of boxes, the basement bathroom is so water logged that the wall is rotting away, there are too many couches in the living room, and I am living with no washer.

So that is the update from here.  Stay tuned as I navigate living in a place that I have not lived for about 20 years.  Not sure if it is quite like starting over, but in many ways it feels like it is.

With Love from Pennsylvania,

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