Sunday, July 21, 2013

Things I Have Learned Today...

This all learned while spending a day packing...
  • Good friends will help you pack even if the amount of dust stirred up causes them to have an allergy attack or maybe even an asthma attack.
  • Desks have no purpose other than a place to shove receipts, bills, and pictures that you say you will file later but really never do.  You will find the desk at the curb tomorrow.
  • My children have too many little toys that are worthy of being dumped. As a result, the kids suddenly come out of their helpless stage to be keen as ninjas retrieving said crap for you to pack.
  • You should never live anywhere more than a few years, you accumulate too much junk.
  • Oh and I will never move again unless my children are placing me in a nursing home and they are sorting through said junk.
  • Apparently, I am afraid of being without two things  cash and contact lenses.  Both which I  have been hoarding throughout the house including in those desk drawers.  
  • No one uses or likes dollar store themed erasers or pencils, but yet we all particpate in buying them and handing them out and subsequently filling drawers with them.
  • They make a heck of a lot of crafts in preschool, all of which are adorable and break your heart while throwing many of them away.
  • I have so many cookie sheets that I could open up a cookie bakery and yet if you asked me yesterday how many I had I would have said three.
  • I buy professional photos of my chidren, yet not all make it to the wall.
  • I also buy greeting cards and never send them again and again. 
  • I suck at organizing.
  • I should never have worn half shirts in college even if I had no body fat.  I certainly should never have worn them with high waisted jeans and my dear friends many of you also participated in this with me.
  • My life here has been great and I am getting nostalgic packing it all up...
  • I quit for the day:)

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