Friday, January 3, 2014

Children's Place Huge Deals and Free Shipping!

Last night my friend Lil emailed me to let me know that the ideal summer girls shoes were back up at TCP.  They cover toes, but are light and airy.  I have had many hand me downs of these from both my friends Lil and Val and ironically had just sorted out two pairs that Cecily had outgrown that very afternoon.  Well today I went on to get them and they are offering 20% off and free shipping. 
First head over to Ebates for 2.5% back then use the code T5H4HP20 for 20% off.  While there I was able to score tights for Cecily for $2.50 and a jacket for Cole for just about $20.  My whole order which included shoes, three pair of tights, a tutu dress, a jacket, and a pair of warm winter gloves came to less than $60.  That is less than a consignment store would charge. 
So here are the shoes!
How about the jacket!

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