Thursday, January 2, 2014

Winter = Snow

We moved 2 hours north from Southern New Jersey to Pennylvania this past summer.  This is our first winter here, but growing up here 20 years ago I knew what to expect.  This time I am better prepared with the right gear.
This includes :
  • Smartwool socks which I wear every day
  •  Silk long under wear
  • Gore-tex gloves
  •  Columbia and North Face jackets
  • Quality snow pants
  • Muck Boots  
When I was a kid growing up here, we rarely had school off for snow.  If we had a snow day,then we were out playing most of the day. We wore hand me down snow pants, moon boots, and waffle weave KMart thermals. When the boots got wet, you simply threw some baggies on your feet and headed back out.  I froze my ass off all those years and I won't live like that again !

We have had constant snow this winter and since our new home is on a mountain, the snow stays.  That means sledding most days even if it has not snowed in a week! We are all set for a big storm tomorrow.  Of course we have the usual staples of bread and milk, but also have gasoline for the generator just in case. Every time we are at Lowes or Agway, we buy rock salt.  We probably need a plow for the driveway too.  For now we are enjoying this winter wonderland, but ask me next month and I may be pleading for spring!  I am not in New Jersey anymore....

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