Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Purex no sort for Colors Giveaway

Sorting laundry is probably a great thing that all entrants into homemaker of the year do regularly.  Me not so much and I have a once worn pair of previously white now pink tights to show for it.  When Purex sent me the Purex no sort for colors to try out and review on my blog, I was thrilled.  It is absolutely the best product for me so that I don't have more color bleeding accidents and can still not sort my laundry!
 I used it right away and the detergent worked well.  There was no bleeding and the clothes came to vibrant and fresh smelling. To prove that I absolutely trust the detergent, I sent little Anna and Elsa in for a tumble with a full load of unsorted towels and sheets which included a bright pink sleeping bag that had never been washed.

 The girls came out bright and fresher than ever, which is great since I certainly could never track these girls down for purchase again.
You can win one of two coupons I will be giving away to try out Purex no sort for Colors yourself.  I promise if you start using it you can still earn props for being a fabulous homemaker, but with a lot less hassle!

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