Friday, October 3, 2014

Bogs For Kids - One Boot for All Seasons

Our first pair of Bogs came through luck when I was able to score them for under $40 at Marshalls.  Once we had the first pair there was no going back.  The boots run typically about $78 and at that price are worth every penny.  They serve as both rain boots and snow boots if you get the -30 degrees rated ones.  They make a rain boot version, but I prefer one boot for two purposes.

My kids use them every day as we live on a wooded property.  The kids use them to creek stomp in the spring, puddle jump in the summer, hike in the fall, and sled in the winter.  We were able to get our last set on clearance at REI, but had been coming up empty so far this year.  I was able to get Cole a used pair on Ebay, but even then they typically resell for nearly $50.  I just found a great deal over at Garnet Hill Kids for Cecily.  Shipped to me they cost $60.50.  I buy up a size since they can run small.  I keep our leftover pairs for friends that come to play and don't have boots.  I promise these boots won't disappoint especially if you are an outdoors family!

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  1. I am CRAZY about these! I just might place an order because my son needs new boots even though the girly ones are so cute my daughter has new boots!