Wednesday, December 24, 2014

With Great Joy Also Brings Great Sadness

In the quest for getting the children involved in sharing our blessings and giving back, we discovered a great organization  that grants wishes for children fighting cancer and their siblings.  The children selected a boy that wanted Magformers and we promptly sent a set off.  Each day since that, we have been connected to the organization's website which posts daily about the many children bravely battling this disease.  Since our gift has been sent, I have seen at least 6 children pass away.  Each day it is a reminder of the greatest fear that lives within me as a mother, to lose one of my children.

Christmas is such a joyous and magical time.  From the gorgeous decorations, bright lights, wide smiles, acts of kindness, sweet treats, time with family, and deep religious connections it unites many of us.  With that is the opposite feeling though, when times are a struggle it only magnifies that pain.  I know that this year there is no shortage of families who are struggling through this season, the expected joy only magnifying the pain of what isn't this year.  Whether it is through the loss of a loved one, a broken heart, a divorce, or illness that prevents this year from being all that we have told you that Christmas is  to be, know that you are thought of and loved by others.  If this year is a blue Christmas for you, please know that there are people that will take the time to pray for your family this year. May joy come to you soon, I pray that you can find a bit of peace and love this year.

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