Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Deep Breath of Fresh Air

It's been one heck of a week or almost two weeks with us being sick. I feel like I can say this because we are coming out on the other side of it finally. Just can't believe how sick all of us were and for so long.
13 prescriptions
5 doctor visits
a week's worth of missed school
2 weeks missed church
and hours spent watching movies and wiping noses and just plain being exhausted!

Today, however, I see the light finally at the end of the tunnel! We were able to enjoy some wonderful time outside and pulled out Cole's favorite toy, the super fast driving fire truck! I got this at a yard sale last spring and it has been the best purchase. Last fall, Cecily would watch him drive around the yard turning her head everywhere he went. This year she hopped on and took a drive. He is an excellent driver!


  1. My kids want to hitch a ride, we're gonna show up one afternoon. :)

  2. Alanis loves riding with Michael in his Jeep. Its so cute! Im so over the sicknesses. Michael is fine. His was a 1,2,3 and OVER. Alanis is on meds for ear infection and is still coughing and the worst runny nose! She coughs up mucus and its just- im so over it!! I cant stand when someone that hasn't been with the kids ALL day walks in the room and says "Her nose is running into her mouth". Well no shit, it wont stop. Keith worked ALL weekend! I've been by myself from wake up to bed time EVERYDAY. Im going crazy! Which will take me to Good mom/Bad mom moments... wOW, I LOVE this.... I feel like someones