Friday, March 25, 2011

Dining without Dad

First off let me say that I am fortunate that my husband cooks. This is a real blessing when you have little ones. Especially when you have real little ones that meltdown right around dinner time. So having daddy cook while I keep the troops happy works out great. Problem is that Rich works 24 hour shifts and that means a few times a week I am on my own with the two kids to create dinner.
Really, cooking for myself, a three year old and a baby who actually eats more than the 3 year old does not need to be complex. We have a lot of breakfast for dinner, pasta, and sandwiches. This gets old sometimes and also there are times when I just need something more substantial after a long day with the children. So this week I needed a pick me up and had to make something while holding Cecily who was suffering from a double ear infection!

We made one of our favorites.
A Mexican leftover fajitas of sorts.

Left over chicken breast cut in small chunks (cooked)
One bag of Bird's Eye Steam Fresh Mexican Rice (cooked)
Two scoops of salsa
One half can pinto or black beans
One handful of the cheese of your choice
One handful red and green peppers

Combine all the ingredients and just simmer for a bit. Heat up some tortillas and enjoy.
My kids loved it and it kept me going the rest of the night! My husband said it looked gross, perfect reason to serve this while he was at work!

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