Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mothering Lessons:The Early Years

1. Sometimes when you are a mom you feel a little like Cinderella. You know wash the dishes, do the laundry. Plus the one time you get to go to the ball ( aka out for a quick dinner) with your Prince Charming one of your kids gets sick or you have no babysitter.

2. There is always laundry.

3. Pooping in privacy becomes a privilege.

4. I know I said poop right? But once you are a mom nothing is private, you learn that right after giving birth when a nurse with a squirt bottle and some big diaper looking pad enters your hospital room.

5. Dinner may be and often is a few dried out ziti noddles you dug out of the pot while the kids are melting down because you didn't get dinner in them early enough. Can you say low sugar meltdown?

6. DVR could be your new best friend!

More to come......

What are your Mothering Lessons of the day?

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