Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Hotel Hershey Within Reach

It looks like I may sleep through the night for the first time in over a year and it is not courtesy of Cecily, but instead to the fact that we will be going away for a night without the kids!! Thanks to my dad, step mother and mother! My dad and stepmother got us a gift certificate to The Hotel Hershey for Christmas for the second year in a row which affords us the chance to have a real grown up fancy night away without the kids! My mom graciously will be babysitting, surprised she is ever returning to our house after recently infecting her with our sickness. Guess the kids are just too cute and fun to resist a return trip or else the huge black circles under my eyes have beckoned her back to give me a little relief!
We went last year when I was pregnant, which was great but I had a few restrictions. This time I am having an adult dinner with a nice alcoholic beverage. Plus I will be soaking in that hot tub for hours. Still need to get some appropriate clothing for the getaway. I don't think my mom uniform will work, which is basically jeans and a different colored long sleeve shirt:)
Here are some pics from last year.
Very Pregnant
Looks Inviting
Delicious Breakfast

So thank you to my wonderful parents for making this trip possible! I love our little ones, but everyone needs a nice time away with their spouse to just be themselves.

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  1. Are you going to get the Chocolate Fondue Wrap? Sounds interesting. Now THIS is a good date night!