Monday, April 11, 2011

I like your little one's shoes and oh by the way...

I think he may be on the spectrum.

***Disclaimer, this post in no way relates to anyone specific , so don't panic I am not writing about your child!

So back to our regularly scheduled program. With the fact that being from my teaching background especially the years I taught special education, I can sometimes tune into little things that signal that a child may have some special needs.
So here I am standing at the park or even with a stranger in the library chitchatting about their child when they may bring something up like Jake does not talk yet. He is two do you think I should be worried? Teaching Lindsey goes through the steps to early intervention and gives some at home strategies. Mommy Lindsey not so much. Somehow I break out into the oh my friend's sons friend didn't talk till he was 5 and he is fine. That is probably not what is on my heart. I find that I follow the role of supporter, comforter, fellow parent in this crazy job together instead of taking that risk and playing it straight.
The thing is that I don't know which role I should be playing. Sometimes by calmly comforting, I am deterring them from seeking help. Help, that I know they'll need. At the same time a part of me knows how volitile it can be to suggest someone's child may need help. I know I am sensitive about my own children. They have their own little learning or developmental issues as I think most kids do, but not sure I would want someone else pointing them out to me.
Yesterday I substitute taught Sunday School and the lesson was about humility. Putting others needs before your own. This got me to thinking if I should be putting the kids' needs first instead of worrying that I may lose a friendship or hurt a mom. I don't have the answer, but I really wish I did so that next time another mom finds out what I did in a previous life and asks me about her child that I could answer honestly and fairly instead weaving a tale of a child that once didn't talk or walk or eat solids till Kindergarten.

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  1. I would politely say: "You know, if you have any concerns, talk with your Dr or ask for a referral to see someone who is more informed than I am. But listen to your motherly instinct and have it checked out. What can it hurt?"
    That way they can be seen, and get the help they may need- or at least be watched for future signs.
    For the sake of the child.