Saturday, April 30, 2011

Oh I Wish I had a Coupon For....

Opened the papers to find tons and tons of coupons today ( we get the coupons Saturday which is nice). I should have been excited, but I must admit after being away for over a week and trying to get life back in order I was a little overwhelmed. A good half hour later on and I will get everything "couponing" organized.
A week or so ago I was talking to a friend about what coupons they needed and they mentioned that there are never coupons for Pepsi, so today I was surprised to see some in the paper. It made me think about what products we use around here that I wish I had a coupon for. Honestly I wish I had a coupon for gas right now cause the price is insane! Most things we use we have coupons from the manufacturer even if they only come out sometimes. I wish most of the things had higher value ones though. The one thing that I buy more than I like without a coupon is Ovaltine! The kids like it, but it is my husband who goes through a $5 container so quickly it drives me crazy. When there are weeks that 10% of your grocery bill is spent on milk mix it can be annoying! I would also love my store to do coupon deals on produce. My moms store had a $5 off $15 coupon for produce last week and we took advantage of that.

What coupon are you wishing for?

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