Sunday, May 1, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday Cecily Kate

At one Cecily, you are full of spirit or as most people say, "she sure is busy!" We love you that way because you challenge us and keep life pretty interesting. Your main goal in life is to keep up with your big brother. This means having everything he does. You don't simply want to use his cup, he needs to use it first and then you need to steal. Your voice is powerful and you use it to get what you want. You have lots of words, but don't use them unless you have to. You can say hi, dad, dog, mom, ma (grammy), bru ( brother), up, bye, nana ( banana), uh oh, woof, moo, and doll. You also like to sign and gesture a lot. You have a love of adventure, which means finding anything wild and getting into it. You can climb up and down stairs and are great at using the stool to brush your teeth each day. You are a true little imitator whether it is watching daddy fix something then trying the same or stealing my make up and trying it out yourself. Your brother is often my best babysitter, he is great for a 3 year old! You hate to miss out on anything and that means avoiding sleep is necessary. You have been on one nap a day now for a few months. Sleep is not your friend and so you wake up at night to check in with mom (thanks!). You have been crawling now since Thanksgiving and cruising too, we thought you would be walking a long time ago but you saved that for your 1st birthday. You love music and your favorite song is from Cole's Vacation Bible School last year. You have great rhythm. You are a real people person and love your ladies at church. You love to give them a hard time though too cause you are quite impossible to diaper. It takes two people to change you so we are already exposing you to the potty! After a pretty rough start with your health, we have turned the corner. Your surgery was a success and recently you were released from needing any more care at the Children's Hospital.
We are so happy with the fun little toddler you have become. Thank you for bringing joy to our every day!

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  1. Hi Linds,

    I really enjoy your posts, and this one in perticular was very adorable :) I think it fits Cecily perfectly (and maybe myself just a bit :P). So excited to see her NEXT steps, whether they be standing or crawling. I love my niece, thanks for bringing her into the world :) <3