Thursday, May 19, 2011

Down on Cole's Farm

Cole dictated this to for his school show and tell, I think he has a good idea of story structure . Now if we could just get him more excited about the alphabet!

In summer, I like to go to my farm in Pennsylvania.

This is called a Polaris and I like to hop in and have a ride with my dad. Do you know why it has lights, it is a cool thing.

This is our new lawn mower and it is almost like the Polaris except it is a lawn mower. That boy next to me (Cole) is Uncle Wayne. He and Aunt Tina sometimes live with us at the farm.

Sometimes we take my fire truck to the farm so I can ride it. This is my (2nd) cousin named James and he lives in Pennsylvania near our farm.

This is a tractor and sometimes it is broken. It is very old.

This is a hammock and I flipped out of it. It was very fun though and my mom said woo boy! She won’t go in there.

This is my sister she is named Cecily. I like her cause she always beats me up and I do everything for her.

We cook marshmallows on the campfire. I ate them, but I don’t like to get gooey from them. My fire truck can’t go around the fire, it is too dangerous.

I love the toys here and I play with them. That’s it!

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