Monday, May 16, 2011

You Couldn't Pay Me to Eat That!

I am hoping to do a week of parenting posts, any ideas of topics would be appreciated!

So mashed up peas in a jar disgusts me. So do Vienna sausages, any kind of meat baby food, any kind of food that has meat in it and does not need to be kept cold. So when my kids were ready to eat baby food, I could not stomach giving that stuff to them. Nothing wrong with it, but mommy gagging and trying to fly in a mouthful like an airplane probably would not have been so convincing. I made almost all the kids' baby food. Not because I was a super mom or anything, but because the jarred stuff didn't sit well with me. It was easy to do in batches and worked well for my food that lasts just too long phobia.
I am going to tell you something that may take me out of the running for Mother of the Year, but it is worth the risk. I never fed my kids green veggies when they were on baby food. They only ate sweet things like sweet potatoes or squash. Once they could have table food, which I started really early I gave them real peas and everything was fine. The whole point is that not serving my kids green veggies, not only didn't put them into malnutrition, but they even eat green veggies happily today. I feel like baby magazines, our pediatricians, our peers put so much pressure on us to do these little things just so that we often feel overwhelmed. I just don't think me not feeding the kids strained peas and giving them peaches before veggies is something worth worrying about. They are proof that not always following the rules isn't the worst thing, but for now I don't think I will report myself to the pediatrician.


  1. Jarred baby food is so gross! It would sometimes make me gag too! I also made my own baby food for Ryan and it was super easy, though sometimes could be time-consuming. At least your kids eat veggies now. Ryan hasn't had a veggie in...I can't even tell you how long. I cannot get him to eat them. He gags, spits it out and won't even let it get near his lips again! I don't know how to get him to eat vegetables. I tried hiding them in things, but he can see them, if they aren't pureed, and will refuse to eat anymore. It's frustrating and I really hope that it doesn't affect his growth or well-being, but I can't fight with him every night at dinner anymore! A good topic could be how to get your kids to eat vegetables, like different ways or recipes that hide them so they don't know they are eating them! I could sure use the help!

  2. Ooh! Another good topic would be discipline techniques that have worked well for you and what age to start them!