Sunday, June 12, 2011

Children's Birthday Parties- Home or Place?

Celebrating birthdays with kids is a big business, if you have children you know this already. Can you believe that when planning to have my children, when their birthdays would be came into play? We have a good backyard, but tiny house so I needed to be able to have outdoor birthday parties. Of course you can't actually plan when you have your children, but seasonally speaking it worked out for us!
We celebrated super hero style for Cole this week. I had done a pretty strict birthday budget in the past, but we were a little looser this year knowing that my partner in crime (aka husband) could make an impulse buy and blow my budget at any time. Instead of getting worked up over it, I let go of the budget a little and we both came out happier.

The bottom line is that if you have a home birthday party and you plan a lot, then you could really save a lot. The honest truth for many families though is that home parties often cost as much as celebrating at a play place. All week I kept getting these emails from Bounce U about special last minute birthday deals that really even beat my budget. They were beckoning me in, with the threat of heat, trying to clean up our yard, imagining getting the food and drinks together it was looking more appealing.

We stuck to what Cole requested and help the super hero party here. The adults and kids melted, but with our small pool a borrowed bouncy house and lots of super hero fun it was great! It would not have been as special this year at Bounce U, but that does not mean that if an email comes my way for next June I would delete it!

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