Monday, June 6, 2011

The Most Exhausting Age

I wanted to let you all know I am in the throws of the most exhausting age a mother can parent, just my opinion. From about a year to 18 months give or take a few months either way are some of the most enjoyable and rewarding months yet also physically draining in so many ways. I call these months the chase and catch months. It is the time where babies are exploring and enjoying their world. If only they were like little boomerangs that would bounce right back to you, but instead they venture off giggling and you are left running. It is a great age to lose more of that baby weight that never seems to drop off as easily as you had hoped.

So my day is like this with Cecily:
  • Try to keep her from falling off the stool while she is brushing her teeth for the 100th time. I try to put the toothbrushes out of reach but we have other little hands around here.
  • No Cecily don't run with that toothbrush in your mouth, have you not heard the cautionary tales that your nanny tells mommy ever other second when she stops by. You know about the baby that died from tripping with a toothbrush or that if I let you cry too long you may die in your crib.
  • Don't slam your fingers in your drawers while tearing out all your clothes.
  • Crayons are not food.
  • No you can't go outside again, stop trying to open the door.
  • Dog food is for the dog, yuck!
  • You have the same food and drink as your brother I promise, don't scream and take his.
  • Please don't walk up the sliding board.
  • Don't ask for a snack then take one bite and spit it on the floor and ask for more.
  • Just one more time in the car seat, stop arching your back.
  • People expect you to wear shoes in public, I am sorry I don't make the rules.
  • Cecily people don't need to know that you can screech in the same pitch as a dolphin especially when they are trying to enjoy their meals.
  • You are twenty pounds, why am I feeding you ten times a day!
Then there is the clean up. I sweep every other second all day long and change outfits on a girl that hates to be changed!

Did I mention I love this age? The laughter and smiles, new words, the love, the Frankenstein walk, the independence, and watching her do new things for the first time!

Oh but the cleaning up is going to kill me, I should have gotten a new broom and dustpan for Mother's Day!

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