Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where Customer Service Still Lives!

Do you feel like customer service is dead? Cashiers talk on their phones while they ring up your order, the workers are too busy texting to help you out, no one is aiming to please? I feel that way a lot and things are not getting any better.

One place where manners still exist is Chick Fil A. I hump my two kids in there often on my own, because I can. They make it easy to handle two hungry and grumpy little ones. They take my order with a smile and then wait forever for Cole to decide what he wants. They carry my tray to my table with a smile, set up place mats for the kids, get them hand wipes and sometimes even a balloon. They come over and ask if we need refills or any help and is everything okay. All this while I spend my measly $6.00 for a combo meal the three of us split. The topper is that with everything thing they respond, " It is my pleasure mam! " ( I never get miss anymore just mam but that is another story:)) I doubt cleaning up my kids' chewed up spit out fries from the floor is their pleasure, but they sure do make me feel like it is and that is the whole point!

Today if you like Chick Fil A Voorhees on facebook they are giving away a free combo meal. If they get to 500 fans you get two and guess what they are really close so we can make this happen.

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  1. Love Chick Fil-A- It's the only fast food place I take the kids, mainly because of the customer service.