Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Skirted Bathing Suit

So last year after having Cecily at the end of April it took me a while to lose my baby weight, as it should. The thing is that it fell right at the time of swim suit season and I could not fit into my usual bathing suits. I came to a bit of a crossroads in the fact that I was now the mother of two and a bit more bottom heavy than usual. My skinny,tiny, little size two friend said at that time, " Oh I HAVE to wear a skirted bathing suit." So there I was feeling a little insecure about my bottom half and a little pleased about having an actual top half (thank you breastfeeding) and I needed a bathing suit. I thought if she needed a skirt to cover her butt then surely I did too!

I headed out and got "the skirted" kind. Now there are benefits to said skirt:
1. You don't have to wear a cover up all the time to hide your rear end.
2. Who cares about a perfect bikini line.
3. Your kids won't tug it off.
4. Less sunblock.

So that was all well and good, but now a year later I put on my skirted suit while at The Hershey Hotel next to another mom who happened to be in good shape and I felt like Anna Duggar. You know the wife of Jim Bob and Michelle's oldest who wears her wholesome wear. You can buy some here:

So here is the thing, skirted suits have some benefits, but there are times where a good old tankini will do. I am too old for a tankini? I hope not!

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