Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dear Future Daughter In Law,

Dear Future Daughter In Law,

Let's talk woman to woman here. I understand that my son is not perfect, but I am trying the best I can to mold him into to a great husband for you. Yes the toilet seat doesn't always go up and when it does go up it hardly ever goes down. I have been working on the aim for two years now, but have gone through lots of cleaning wipes tiding up the misses. Oh yeah and I know he is hard headed and can be a little bossy too. Just be patient and calm and eventually he gives in, I promise. I am working on his clean up skills, but let's be honest it is not his strength. And for that special t shirt he just won't get rid of and wears all the time, don't bother buying a whole bunch of clothes because when he picks his favorites he sticks with them. Look at his blatant honesty as a good thing, there are no guessing games right?
I am so glad you looked past all those little flaws and saw the best things about my son. His sweetness and sensitivity. His creative nature and thoughtfulness. His deep love for his family and all his comfort and snuggles. His talented driving too. Oh but be careful he has a memory that doesn't quit so always be on your best behavior! Hope you can love my guy half as much as I do!

Cole's Mom

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