Saturday, August 20, 2011


I have been writing blog posts in my head at night, thinking of ideas mapping things out. I intend to do them the next day and well, as you can see I never do. We are at that end of summer phase, trying to soak in all the last minute things we intended to do. Many of which I might add we have not done. I wanted to take the kids to Knoebels, Sesame Place, and to the beach over night. None of which has happened and probably will have time for only one for these things. As a teacher, I remember the first few days off from school were endless, but then by mid July everything sailed by so quickly and before I knew it I was hanging up bulletin board and scribing name tags. With being home I can stretch summer a bit longer, but in all honestly I am ready for that season change. The pool is still up, but no one has used it lately, the air is still on but the nights have been a relief. So for now, our intentions of what we wanted to do will become a wish list for next year. By then Cecily will be older and hopefully potty trained, things will be simpler. Right?

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