Thursday, August 4, 2011

Who Me Trouble??

Here she is the lady of the hour waiting in the church lobby on her Baptismal Day. What a doll, an angel right? Well things didn't go quite so smoothly, but I never expected them to. We waited to have Cecily baptized so she was just turning 15 months two days before this. We had wanted to do it when she was a little older than an infant, but then life got in the way. No travel for my family during winter since they are out of town, then a new niece that Grammy was helping with and before you know it Cecily was very mobile. Somewhere there is a video of her little act, but I have yet to see it. I am sure I looked like a frazzled mess.
Cecily decided she didn't want ot be held and wanted to wander around stage and throw herself on the ground and pull out her hair bow and oh yeah the bracelet had to go too. I could not do what instinct said and take her out of the church, because she was the main attraction and her absence was not an option. So there we stood trying to control an unruly toddler on stage in front of lots of onlookers. So I took a deep breath and realized it would make for a good story. I think Pastor Jeff said it best to Rich, " If she is like this at 15 months dad, just wait till she is 15 and give me a call!." Thanks Cecily for always giving us a thrill!

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