Saturday, September 17, 2011

Toddler Speak-16 months

I have a list of words that Cole spoke at 19 months and I love having it. I wanted to do the same for Cecily too. She hit her language explosion the past few weeks and so I can't keep up with new words and now she is repeating fairly clearly too. So I will highlight a few of her favorites. I think the words children use probably say a bit about their personality.

1. Mom
2. Dada
3. DatDat (Cole)
4. Dole (Cole)
5. Ma (Grammy)
6. Dog Dog
7. Nannan (Nanny)
8. LaLA (Her friend Allanis and a doll LaLa loopsy)
9. Baby
10. Val ( My friend Val)
11. Mad ( 2 friends Maddie and a Makayla)
12. Bath Tub
13. Dog Bowl (cause she feeds the dog)
14. Elmo ( said this to me while handing me the remote, if only she'd watch it)
15. Nah ( as in no way mom, you can't make me even if you tried)
16. Yep ( as in sure mommy I will have that lollipop)
17. Bop ( lollipop and freezer pops and push ups yogurts plus now that is what drinks are too)
18. nack ( snack)
19. Crack ( Cracker, not cocaine)
20. Doll
21. Croc ( as in the shoes, sign of the time)
22. buts ( sounds like how you would say puts and refers to all shoes.)
23. hiya
24. go
25. bye bye

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