Friday, October 28, 2011

Chinese Apples?

Two years ago, my friend started having me check labels of apple juice to see if it contained Chinese apples. Now I am not one to overly worry about the kids eating the wrong things so it might have been a little out of character for me to decide to try to avoid Chinese apple juice. So two years ago my husband's grandmother came over with a nice fresh bottle of... you guessed it Chinese apple juice that I passed along then to one of my friends. They looked at me like I had ten heads when I tried to explain. Not sure i could blame them.

Fast forward two years later and Dr. Oz creates a storm of controversy about arsenic in apple juice. Now it seems like his findings were more sensational than anything, but then again were they? Bottom line is we'll try to avoid Chinese apple juice and sauce as much as possible. Yesterday Rich spent the day canning 25 large jars of homemade apple sauce from Pennsylvania apples. I think that should last us a while.
Mind you we still eat plenty of junk, but baby steps for now. How about you? Did the Chinese apple thing make you change anything thing about what you buy?

As much as possible we are now trying to buy local.

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