Monday, October 24, 2011

The Hunt For Red October-CVS

Mission Accomplished!
Thanks to some wonderful friends who donated coupons to my quest! I was able to get 6 months of our favorite detergent for $8 at CVS this week!

Now onto my best pick of the week for October 23rd at CVS...
It is a great week to stock up on paper goods and they have our favorite brand Scott highlighted in the sale.

Spend $30 and get a $10 gift card -I will select a CVS gift card and roll it to next week.

Here is what I am going to do to stock up on paper products for our farmhouse. The men are heading up for hunting season and they go through plenty of that type of stuff.

Scott 12 pack Toilet Paper $8
4 Scott Mega Roll 6 pack Paper Towels $6 each = $24

Use 4 $1 off Scott Paper Towels Smart Source(10/23)
Use $1 off Scott Toilet Paper Smart Source (10/23)
Printable available here for $2 off both toilet paper and paper towels.

Total before coupons: $32
Total after coupons and gift card: $17
That's for 24 rolls of paper towels and 12 rolls of toilet paper.

Or you could simply buy 5 of the paper towel packs for $30
Use 5 $1 off coupons
That would be $15 after coupons and gift card for 30 rolls of paper towels.

I am going to wait in hopes of getting a $off coupon in my email from CVS. If your store does not have the stock, make sure to ask for a rain check that details the sale and you could do this deal another week.

Also remember that the diapers are buy 6 jumbo packs (they keep track on the card for you) get one pack free through December 31st.

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