Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Favorite Christmas Books for Children Updated

Three years later and we have added to our favorite book list.  Here are few new choices along with the original list.

Cecily announced to me this week that she will be waiting up all night for Santa this year.  I think we can all relate to this desire of trying to catch a glimpse of Santa Claus.  In this sweet story the bear family tries to catch Santa, but sleep gets the best of them.
Another light and silly story we enjoy is When Santa Lost his Ho! Ho! Ho! Word travels quickly around the globe about the time when Santa lost his legendary laugh and this is the story about how it was recovered.
A great read aloud for school is the story called The Gingerbread Pirates.  This is the tale of a special little gingerbread pirate and his adventures to save his crew from the cannibal Santa Claus.

A wonderful book about baby Jesus and the manger.  Gorgeous illustrations as well. Cole was fortunate to get this book from his preschool teachers and it is special to our family.

 We continue to read these stories as well.

My Favorite as a Child:
The Sweet Smells of Christmas
I love the scratch and sniff in this book and we were able to get one for my kids so that all the smell was fresh for their childhood.

Best Traditional:
The Night Before Christmas
This was always the final close to our Christmas Eve and now I get to read it with my own little ones. My mom made the recordable version through Hallmark for my children for the years that she is not with them.
Best Creative New Book:
Who will Guide My Sleigh?
Love this because it is a quick and creative one that even little ones have the patience for. It is about various animals that Santa thought of and the reasons they were not selected to guide the sleigh.
A Pick for Older Children:
Auntie Claus
I used to love reading this to my students, such a neat book. I think this year Cole would enjoy it too so I may need to dig it out from my teaching stash. Teaches a lesson about being grateful and not spoiled.

A New Book to Me:
Mortimer's Christmas Manger
I was introduced to this book last year at our church's Advent program for children and have it on my list to buy.

Manger Selection:
There are so many really neat books about the 1st Christmas. I feel it is important that kids know the real story of the holiday. We have 5 or 6 books that tell of the first night. Many are from the perspective of the animals.
Hurry Hurry Have You Heard

What is your family's special book?
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