Friday, December 2, 2011

How Many Gifts Per Child?

We have yet to write Sana's letter, but have seen him already a few times. Tonight we saw him yet again and when he asked Cole what he wanted, Cole replied I already told the real Santa what I wanted. That prompted this new Santa to prove he was the real deal and perhaps convinced( I don't know for sure since I was holding the no, ho ho, no ho ho queen) he told him the two things he's be asking for. Santa has already ordered and hid these two toys so that's good.
I always wonder how much to give. The kids get so much thanks to two sets of divorced grandparents which increases the amount they get by plenty! My friend once told me that they do the three gift idea which related back to the 1st Christmas where Jesus received three gifts. I really like that but is that three from Santa and three from us or three all together? Or do you think more about cost than number of gifts? I really want to know how people do things, so no reading this and not responding if you have something to share.

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  1. I do number of gifts and try to keep the money balanced. This yea r is probably about a 350 per kid year with about 10 gifts wrapped for each